THE STORY OF EMPIRE & CO | Haley Hughes w Brett Campbell | TBCS 044

Haley Hughes is Owner of The Institute of Makeup and Founder of Blue Light Blocking Eyewear Company, Empire & Co.


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About Haley

After going through university and securing a ‘safe’, well paying job with the state Government, Haley found herself increasingly unhappy. She quit and became a makeup artist, soon working with the likes of Quicksilver, Cleo Magazine and Flight Centre. Haley founded makeup artist training business The Institute of Makeup in 2009, and has since founded blue light blocking glasses company Empire & Co. 

Empire & Co is a client of Claxon.

About The Episode

In this episode, Haley and Brett discuss:

  • How Haley’s humble upbringing has inspired her to start multiple businesses
  • How she was able to secure work with big names only 7 months into her makeup artistry career
  • Haley’s view on money and why it doesn’t buy happiness
  • Her TOP advice for women who are at the beginning stages of a business

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