THE CARNIVORE DIET | Kevin Stock w Brett Campbell | TBCS 031

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Dr. Kevin Stock is a strict carnivore and self-experimental researcher who has been passionate about health and fitness for two decades.


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About Kevin Stock

Kevin was the founder and CEO of Muscle Science, a national level physique competitor, and self-experimental researcher and scientist. During his fitness training, he realised that although his physical form was at its peak, his moods, emotions and energy were far from it. He was experiencing so many negative symptoms that he decided to start experimenting with the Carnivore Diet… and this took an entirely new direction.

About The Episode

  • Dr Kevin’s extremely affordable new invention that will stop snoring forever 
  • The most effective way to increase physical, mental & sexual performance (You are already doing it, just not properly)
  • The reason behind Brett’s decision to try one of the world’s most controversial diets and how he has been dramatically affected 
  • Why Dr Kevin believes you are in danger if you consume plants (Will he change your mind?)

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