THE BUCKET LIST GUY | Travis Bell w Brett Campbell | TBCS 029

Known as The Bucket List Guy because of all the crazy and interesting things he’s done in his life, Travis Bell is a keynote and TEDx speaker, a coach and podcaster with an inspiring message to share.


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About Travis Bell

Long before it became a “thing” or was called a Bucket List, Travis Bell had written a “To Do Before I Die” list. His list is the reason why he attacks life. He calls it his compass, his motivation and that thing that brings purpose and meaning to his life.

Over the past 20 years, Travis Bell (Trav) has been involved in the personal fitness training industry. Starting with one client, Trav built a personal training business that did over 1 million personal training sessions with a team who motivated thousands of clients across Australia. But rather than just help people achieve their health goals, Trav was also personally called upon by clients to help them achieve goals in the other areas of their lives. Trav’s superpower is his unique ability to get people from where they are now to where they want to be.

His message is that your Bucket List is far more important than your To Do list and we need to prioritise the things that really matter.

About The Episode

  • Why we should all have a bucket list (and what motivated Trav to start writing his when he was 18
  • The top 3 things on that list and how he made two of them happen
  • Why your life plan should fit into your career plan (not the other way around!)
  • What a Reverse Bucket list is and why it’s important
  • Why multitasking is the death of productivity (and how being obsessed with everything is a better way to be)
  • Trav’s experience with depression and the tools he used to get through it
  • The controversial diet Travis is on and how it’s working for him

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