ONE OF MY FIRST MENTORS | Jason Urbanowicz w Brett Campbell | TBCS 028

Jason Urbanowicz is a Director of Trainer HQ, a business that provides fitness professionals with tools, support and systems to build and grow successful businesses.


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About Jason Urbanowicz

Jason Urbanowicz is an author, coach, international speaker and Director of Trainer HQ.

He has been involved in the fitness personal development space since 2002, helping fitness professionals to remove mental roadblocks that may hold them back from achieving their goals.

Jason has co-authored two best selling books with Trainer HQ Co-Director Brad Sheppard and has presented inside major fitness clubs including Fitness First, Goodlife, Fenix, Anytime and Jetts.

About The Episode

  • How a letter in the mail got Brett to one of Jason’s first ever events (That letter contained some marketing gold)
  • Why his depression and anxiety helped him to start his own business
  • How he has managed to stay in the fitness industry for 12 years when many don’t make it. (The #1 thing he discovered that gave him a sense of direction and purpose)
  • Why marketing, branding and your business goals are so important (Your current strategy is probably limiting your business)

And so much more…

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