THE TRUTH AND LIES BEHIND COVID 19? | Jamie McIntyre w Brett Campbell | TBCS 025

As the founder and CEO of 21st Century Education, Jamie McIntyre has helped close to 600,000 people worldwide change their lives for the better through his live events, books, home study programs and mentoring.


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About Jamie McIntyre

Jamie McIntyre is an entrepreneur, strategist, coach, speaker and the author of best selling book “What I Didn’t Learn From School But Wish I Did”. His passionate belief is that people need a modern day 21st Century education not taught in our 19th Century education system. Practicing what he preached, Jamie went from being heavily in debt to a self made millionaire in his 20s. 

He’s now the CEO of the 21st Century Group, which has grown to become a multi-million dollar educational organisation with a range of partner divisions ultimately created to be a one-stop-shop for all people’s personal, financial and investing needs.

About the Episode

In this episode Jamie and Brett discuss:

  • Coronavirus and where it come from.. or didn’t
  • The political motivations of the hype around this pandemic
  • The value of critical thinking and why you should question everything
  • How you identify a real source of truth

And so much more…

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