CHURCH PASTOR TURNED REAL ESTATE ICON | Keith Yackey w Brett Campbell | TBCS 019

Keith Yackey is a bonafide real estate mogul. He’s flipped over 185 properties, done over 700 deals, owns over 300 rental properties and has raised more than $45 million in his career. Keith being successful is one things, but what’s more impressive is the success of those who’ve followed his teaching system.


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About Keith Yackey

As his mother was lying on her deathbed riddled with cancer, she told him to live a life of no regrets. Keith moved forward to conquer his fears and do just that. Having always wanted to do real estate so he set out to learn how. 

With only the most baseline guidance within 2 years he had flipped 185 properties and grew to do over 700 deals, own 300 rentals and raise over 45 millions dollars in his career. Which he is still actively doing to this day. Having had his life changed so much through the vehicle of real estate he wanted to help others change their lives as well.

About the Episode

In this episode Keith and Brett discuss;

  • Keith’s foray into stand up comedy and why he wanted to pursue it
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with a variety of people
  • Why Keith’s wife left him and how they repaired their relationship
  • Some personal stories and lessons learned

    And so much more…

More About Keith Yackey

Instagram: @keithyackey

Connect With Brett

Instagram: @brettcampbellofficial