NETWORK MARKETER MAKING $1M PER YEAR | Craig Schulze w Brett Campbell | TBCS 017

Throughout Craig’s 20 years in business, he always positioned himself in front of the latest trends. Moving from the corporate world to traditional business owning five fitness clubs – Craig now has a global business where he has products shipping to over 100 different countries.


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About Craig Schulze

Craig’s vision, mission and values are all around creating a lifestyle by design, which is about creating complete time and financial freedom.

He has recently launch a new intiative – One Shot Movement, aimed to inspire people to move from adversity and challenge to be able to rise again. But it’s also to support people who are looking to take their life to the next level and become extraordinary.

About the Episode

In this episode Craig and Brett discuss;

  • The stigma associated with network marketing in the past and how the way we’re doing business has changed 
  • The key elements to his success in the network marketing environment
  • Managing expectations and how to get results
  • How he built his reputation on the international speaking circuit
  • His marketing process and how he makes connections
  • The pros and cons of different approaches and why live events are his best way to connect with people
  • How he’s positioned his brand as the biggest and best in the industry

    And so much more…

More About Craig Schulze

Instagram: @craigschulze