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Join Brett in this solo episode where he dives into exactly what is required to design and execute world-class digital strategies and advertising campaigns.


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About Brett Campbell

Brett Campbell is a Serial Entrepreneur. Having founded 2 of Australasia fastest-growing companies in their respective fields, including the Fastest-Growing fitness franchise of its time, exploding to 35 locations within the first six months of operations. And currently, the fastest-growing Digital Growth Agency, winning the 2018 Best Social Media Agency of the Year award for Australia and NZ within their first 12 months of operations.

Brett is a go-to business expert when it comes to fast and effective business growth, having invested over $2M personally in paid advertising and his company now managing millions of dollars a year in advertising spend for his clients in over 30+ industries.

Brett is a published author, featured in 200+ publications, Global Speaker and frequently appearing on Australia’s #1 Mainstream Business Channel sharing his expertise.

About the Episode

  • Brett shares the backstory of Claxon
  • The four pillars of Claxon’s service offering
  • Why not every single business will work on social
  • What it takes to create a successful digital growth strategy

And so much more…

Connect with Brett Campbell:

Instagram: @brettcampbellofficial