SHE SOLD 30 FRANCHISES IN HER FIRST YEAR | Alison Egan w Brett Campbell | TBCS 008

Alison Egan Podcast with Brett Campbell

25-year-old, Alison Egan, is taking the world by storm with her teeth whitening franchise, Sparkling White Smile.


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About Alison Egan

At just 25, Sydney-based Alison Egan owns Sparkling White Smile, a business she created from the ground up over the past five years. Despite the business still being in its infancy, the mobile-unit brand currently holds 30 franchise agreements in major cities across the country and is about to take it global.

About the Episode

In this episode Alison and Brett Discuss:

  • How a dream at 20 years old turned into a soon to be a global franchise
  • How Alison coped building a team of 30 people at 22 years old
  • What made Alison franchise her business
  • The biggest lessons learned from franchising
  • Why Alison is still hands-on delivering the service as well as leading the business in its global expansion
  • The most effective ways they market themselves

And so much more…

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