PERSONAL NET WORTH OF $193M | Fred Schebesta w Brett Campbell | TBCS 037

Fred Schebesta is an international speaker, serial entrepreneur, award-winning digital marketer, author and media commentator. 


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About Fred Schebesta

Fred Schebesta is the co-founder of Finder, valued at $246 million. Finder is a global personal finance comparison website with over 10 million monthly visitors. In 2018, Fred established a venture capital arm, Finder Ventures, to incubate new business ideas and launched cryptocurrency brokerage in February 2018. For the past 2 years, Fred has been leading the group’s latest project, the Finder App, which is an Australian-first innovation that combines personal finance management with comparison.

He won Entrepreneur of the Year by Blockchain Australia Industry Awards 2019, and was awarded a Fellowship with Blockchain Australia. Fred was also ranked position 22 on the Australian Financial Review Young Rich List 2019, with a wealth of $193 million.

About The Episode

  • Why Fred’s relationship with money is a work in progress (He still looks at the prices on a menu)
  • Fred’s #1 piece of life advice that has served him in his personal and professional life
  • Why there’s a difference between business owners and entrepreneurs (And which Brett and Fred identify with the most)

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