OVER $2B IN SALES USING THIS METHOD | Petar Lackovic w Brett Campbell | TBCS 004

When it comes to sales and selling, Petar Lackovic is at the top of the field. His methods challenge everything we were originally taught about selling.


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About Petar Lackovic

Join us for a fireside chat with Petar Lacovic ( co-founder of Australian National Sales Academy, founder of “Scalable Sales System”, Head of Training & Dev. in “The Entourage”).

Petar Lackovic has held the position of CEO, Director of Training & Development and Director of Entrepreneurial Development of Australia’s Largest Trainer and Educator of Entrepreneurs.

Petar is a highly sought-after international entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and speaker who specialises in creating and implementing successful sales processes that produce tried and proven replicable sales results for businesses enabling them to achieve consistent world-class results and over has generated over $2 billion in sales and revenue for him and his clients.

About the Episode

In this episode Petar and Brett discuss:

  • The 5 key steps to mastering sales (Must be in this order)
  • Why old school sales techniques no longer work
  • How rapport has changed and what to do about it
  • To to drastically reduce your sales cycle

And so much more…

More on Petar Lackovic

Instagram: @petar_lackovic