HOW TO BUY & SELL BITCOIN, ETHEREUM AND MORE (Getting Started with Crypto!)

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. They get paid, this is FREE. This is not advice, all I am doing is sharing what I have done and am currently doing. If you like it and want to do the same, happy days. 

QUICK INTRO: I am not a Crypto millionaire (but I did manage to FCUK up a deal where I would have made close to $600K returns on my Doge coin investment, but I digress, I’ll save that story for the podcast). I have been active in the “buying” “selling” and “HODL” of crypto currency since 2017 and now have a substantial holdings of the main coins BTC and ETH and a couple of ALT coins.  However it wasn’t until 2020 I really started to pay attention to what this “Crypto” world was all about. (Consider my mind blown)

This blog is accompanied by a podcast and I highly recommend listening to it as I elaborate on the commentary below. I am using this blog post as a simple 2 step process to help you get started. The explanations as to why I have recommended the options below (as there are soooo many) will be explained in the podcast.

If you are one of the 100+ people who has personally reached out and asked “how do I get started” this is for you (sorry for the delay) I couldn’t possibly do this with everyone individually as I feel there is too much to explain outside of just setting you up and then sending you into the battle fields with no idea.

Purchasing crypto is easy. 

All you need is a trusted exchange (the place you buy it from) and a trusted wallet (the place where you would store your Crypto, Nft’s and more) oh, and money. You need money. 😉

Step 1: Set up and account with Binance (the exchange) either on mobile or desktop.  You will need to verify your identification so be patient. 

Step 2: (can only be done on a mobile) Go to the app store and download “Trust Wallet” – This is one of the most trusted wallets for you to secure your crypto and Nfts etc. (DO NOT LOSE THE 12 WORD KEY) there is no password resets available. One guy lost his passwords and has $600M of Bitcoin sitting idol that he will never see.

Once you have been verified by Binance you can transfer AUD fiat directly from your bank into your Binance account.

Go to “Wallet” > “Fiat & Spot” then select “Deposit” it’s that simple.

The first time you transfer funds it may take a couple of days (verification) however once you are up and running you can make instant transfers. (LISTEN TO THE PODCAST FOR MY RULES AROUND KEEPING FIAT IN YOUR ACCONT)

There you go, it’s that simple.

If you want to fully understand the Crypto world and opportunity that Bitcoin and other coins have, here is a list of resources I have picked up along the way.

Join my Facebook community here to access all the documents below. They are uploaded in the files section of the group. That is where you can ask questions and i’ll do my best to help.

  • Bitcoin Whitepaper: Written by Satoshi Nakomoto (Bitcoin creator)
  • Ark Invest Whitepaper:
  • Part 1: Bitcoin
    Part 2: Bitcoin as an Investment
  • Etheremum Cashflow Whitepaper: 
  • Dogecoin: Galaxy Digital Research

and more…

I highly recommend you listen to the supporting podcast that talks a little deeper into what I have shared here.

Like all investments whether real-estate, stock market, horses, stamps, everything has risk. BEWARE and don’t get greedy.