HE SOLD HIS BUSINESS FOR $150M | Brandon Dawson w Brett Campbell | TBCS 033

Brandon Dawson is a serial entrepreneur who helps leaders transform themselves and their teams through the power of belief, operations, and leadership.


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About Brandon Dawson

Brandon is a self-made serial entrepreneur achieving a $75M net worth. He is a sought-after lecturer and CEO advisor on entrepreneurship, leadership, and business-building strategies. Brandon created a unique, variable-expense shared services delivery model with the purpose and passion of supporting and preserving independent business owners who have the desire to become more profitable and to grow their existing business or expand to new markets.

About The Episode

In this episode, Brandon and Brett discuss:

  • Brandon’s partnership with Grant Cardone
  • How Brandon trains himself to cope with chaos (These tips helped him through COVID)
  • Brandon’s six core values (Why they’re essential for personal growth)
  • The #1 factor that holds businesses back from success (Most businesses fall into this trap)
  • The rise of solo-preneurs

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