CORRUPTION, COVID & GOVERNMENT DISASTER | Anna & Morgan Richards w Brett Campbell | TBCS 036

Australia and the world are currently going through the most uncertain and turbulent times that it arguably has ever faced. What is real? Who do we listen to? How can we do something? Are all the questions we tackle in today’s action packed episode.


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About Anna and Morgan

Anna spent 4 years in parliament getting to know the ins and outs of the “system”. How does the political system work and how are the people being manipulated without even knowing it. 

We are joined by her husband Morgan, the Co host of the “Anything Goes” podcast to discuss a wide range of controversial topics.

About The Episode

  • How the Australian political system actually works
  • What can we do to be heard and make a difference if we do not agree with what is currently happening in our country 
  • How the government secretly get laws passed without even telling us
  • Is the premier of Victoria ruining our country 
  • How to get Brett elected into parliament

And so much more…

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