AUSTRALIA’S #1 LINKEDIN EXPERT | Nathanial Bibby w Brett Campbell | TBCS 043

Nathanial Bibby is Founder & CEO of Bibby Consulting Group, which has generated over $400 million in sales through LinkedIn lead generation.


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About Nathanial

Nathanial ranks number one in the Asia Pacific region on the Social Media Marketing Institute’s top LinkedIn marketers list. In 2019, he won Best Use of LinkedIn at the Social Media Marketing Awards for his LinkedIn Heroes campaign.

He is also a two-time finalist for the 2020 Social Media Marketing Awards for his campaigns “Monday Night Live” and “LinkedIn vs Instagram”.

Bibby Consulting Group’s clients include Apple, Western Union, BT Financial Group, Choice Hotels, EFG Financial Group, Harvey Norman, Brian Tracy, Capital Group, Westpac, Harcourt’s and more.

About The Episode

In this episode, Nathanial and Brett discuss:

  • How LinkedIn ranks on the digital trust index compared to other platforms
  • The BIGGEST mistakes people make on LinkedIn
  • Nathanial’s top tips for standing out on LinkedIn
  • Why you should be taking advantage of LinkedIn NOW (he says the opportunity is “second to none”)

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