HOW TO EFFECTIVELY SELL IN A DOWNTURN | Ryan Tuckwood w Brett Campbell | TBCS 013

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He’ll be the first to admit sales didn’t come easily to him when he started but Ryan Tuckwood has since gone on to become one of the most successful sales professionals and best sales training coaches in Australia.


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About Ryan Tuckwood

Ryan Tuckwood is the co-founder and CEO of multi award-winning sales training organisation, ISR Training.

He has dedicated his life to showing sales professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners a more ethical, comfortable and relationship based approach to selling, helping them to communicate the value of what they offer more effectively, efficiently and with integrity.

Ryan and his business partners, Jack Corbett, were named in the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in Australia in 2018 and in the same year secured investment for ISR Training by three of the entrepreneurial ‘sharks’ on Network Ten’s Shark Tank. 

From an engineer who didn’t want to be in ‘sales’, Ryan is now a multiple business owner, strategic advisor, investor, speaker, expert sales trainer and confidence coach.

About the Episode

  • The current state of the world with Coronavirus
  • The importance of mindset and perspective
  • What you can do as a business owner and leader
  • How you can utilise sales during this time of need
  • How you can adapt to today’s market
  • How to sell with integrity
  • Ryan’s experience on Shark Tank
  • How Ryan learnt to trust his own decisions

And so much more…

Connect with Ryan Tuckwood:

Instagram: @ryan_tuckwood